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Uz ispriku zbog nedovoljnog poznavanja hrvatskog jezika primili smo e-mail komentar zbivanja u uvali Studenčić na engleskom jeziku:

I have been coming to STUDENČIĆ since I was born. That is for about 22 years. We have a very small house there and it has been a paradise for us, and not only for us but for all of our friends and neighbours from Mali Losinj that have also weekend "houses" there.

My mothere came frome Studenčić a few days ago and she told me of the devastation that was going on there. AND THAT THEY WERE BUILDING ILLEGALY AGAIN!

I have seen the pictures on this site of Studenčić and I'm very sad because I love this place. It has been a part of my life since I was born and I hate that some people are abusing it just because they (at this moment) can.

Please STOP THE DESTRUCTION or tell me if I can help in an way.

They are destroying this beautyful place! Please! I do not know what to do from Slovenia but I want to keep it safe from turism polution. It is an archeology proteted area, is it not?!